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Behind the Business: Braving the Pandemic

Una Ricci, a local company, founded by Nina Malinao Eleazar (Nina Ricci) in a leap of faith entered into a joint-venture agreement with writer/editor-turned-entrepreneur Margaux Salazar, whose heart remained in operating a physical retail store despite the onset of the pandemic.   Margaux, who operated Tryst Studio for 2 years turned to financing the store’s European inventory during its second year, thought it be best to remain open and brave the pandemic--but had to be with someone who could step into the financial crisis the store was facing without any buyout or purchase of shares. This made every living entrepreneur think, really think out of the box just to survive.   Our scenario: Margaux had an existing European inventory on...

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More Information on Where we are in the Pandemic and What We Can Do About It

1. As of August 2, 2021, the total Delta variant infections in the country had reached 216, of which 9 people have died, 17 are active, and 190 have recovered.  2. Why is this the variant of concern according to WHO? It has been studied that the Delta variant has increased transmissibility, higher risk of hospitalization, and prolonged hospital stay. 3. As for herd immunity, with the original Covid-19 virus from Wuhan, we needed 60%. With the Alpha variant, we needed 75%. And with the Delta variant, we need 80-85%. 4. Where does the country stand now on herd immunity? With our population of 110M, an estimated 10% (11M) has been vaccinated with the 1st dose. An estimated 5% (5M)...

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Global Announcement of the HygCen Airborne Germs (Aerosols) Efficacy Test Report

Germs refer to microscopic viruses (including enveloped viruses), bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease. Coinciding with the formation of Medklinn in Germany and the entry of Medklinn in the UK earlier this year, a research study was commissioned by Medklinn Germany GmbH & Co KG and conducted by HygCen Germany GmbH, an independent research institute certified by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) with EN ISO/ IEC 17025 accreditation for disinfectants and medical devices. The objective of the study was to test the effectiveness of Medklinn Pro AS2 Air and Surface Sterilizer with Cerafusion Sterilization Technology in deactivating airborne germs (aerosols) in an enclosed 300sq.ft x 9ft high room. Cerafusion Sterilization Technology replicates nature in the sterilization process producing...

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