Una Ricci by Atelier Nina Ricci Eleazar launches its first campaign with seven multi-hyphenate moms, incredible careerwomen who put family as number one—all while doing it with grace and in style. Meet Aliza Apostol-Goco, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, Jammy San Juan-Magsino, Marie Field-Faith, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Tina de Guzman, and Tanya Aguila, the founding members of our ‘mom tribe,’ the first community built by Una Ricci by Atelier Nina Ricci Eleazar. This campaign titled ‘Motherhood and Careerwomen—in the Time of Covid’ serves as our launchpad for a series of events slated to happen throughout the year.

Let’s get to know more about these empowering moms who are influencers and game-changers in various fields as in every event hosted by Una Ricci, they will be sharing more about the colorful lives they lead.


Now what do these women think about Una Ricci?

Aliza (@mustlovemom): The first time I met Nina was when we did a fashion show together when another brand invited us. And the first thing that popped into my mind was, ‘This girl is so chic.’ She has a style of her own. I knew that [she] would come up with her own line, I had a feeling. And there goes these small businesses that she launched during the pandemic—because I’ve been watching from afar through the Instagram platform—I knew so well she’d be into fashion. The first thing that would come to my mind with the brand is that it’s something comfortable but very, very stylish that’s for sure and there’s always something edgy about it. I’m so proud to be able to get to wear Una Ricci.

Aliza, who is a mother of three, a health and fitness buff and businesswoman, wears a criss cross pleat detail corset dress in dark blue satin. Her daughter Rocio wears a puff sleeve back ribbon midi dress in the same fabric.
Patricia (@patriciabermudezhizon): When I first encountered Una Ricci, I thought, ‘Wow these clothes are so empowering.’ Only because they make you feel, as a woman—not even as a mom, but as a woman—they really make you feel beautiful. It hugs your silhouette. It makes you feel comfortable in clothes that are so classy and classic in design, as well. Even if Una Ricci only has a limited number of pieces per design, I still think it’s something that all women would want to have and want to embrace because they’re going to feel more comfortable in the pieces that Una Ricci offers. What I love about it is that these are clothes that are both empowering and beautiful, that are really classy and something that you can continuously wear. It’s not one of those that you pick off the rack and you’ll just wear on special occasions. That’s what I love about Una Ricci, actually. I find myself and the character of Una Ricci to be somewhat similar. We adapt, we change, but at the end of the day, we still just remain true to ourselves. And I think that’s what Una Ricci celebrates about the women that they dress. They allow them to be themselves but really enhance their true character. That’s what I love about Una Ricci.
Patricia, who is a mother of three, a digital media expert, international trainer for sports anchors, and a Philippine Navy Reservist wears a corset 2 layered gown with upper body applique in metallic beige. Her daughter Patrice wears a butterfly sleeve beige linen top with nude tulle skirt maxi dress.
Jammy (@jammyalexandria): Una Ricci for me is really the definition of high-quality pieces that are made to last. I love Una Ricci because it embodies what slow fashion is. Each item or each piece is made so carefully and handcrafted with so much love and intention by Nina, the designer behind all the pieces. Every time I have an Una Ricci piece, I use it so many times in the year and it’s just the definition of what an essential piece in your wardrobe is.
Jammy, who is a mother of one, a retail entrepreneur and real estate broker, wears a maroon tweed short sleeve baggy jumpsuit. Her daughter Amelia wears a sleeveless maroon tweed top with maroon tulle uneven hem skirt midi dress.
Marie (@mariefieldfaith): Una Ricci is the kind of lifestyle fashion that when you put on, it’s not just another set of clothes. It’s actually something you put on to bring out the best version of yourself. It’s that feeling of being comfortable in your own skin that ‘Yes, this is me, this is my body, this is the shape that I have, this is how I stand, these are my values.’ Being unapologetic for the life you want, being unapologetic for who you are. Be it a girlboss, boss babe, badass, whatever it is, when you wear that Una Ricci piece, you can be you and you can be whatever you want to be.
Marie, who is a mom of three, a content creator, lifestyle writer, and travel and fitness enthusiast wears a white linen corset with white tulle above the knee dress. Her daughter Sofia wears a sleeveless white linen top back ribbon with white tulle and linen layered skirt midi dress. Her youngest Bayla wears a tulle sleeve white linen top back ribbon with white tulle and linen tiered skirt maxi dress.
Kelly (@kellymisa): For me, Una Ricci is all about wearable classic styles that you just wear through the years. I love how timeless they are and it really stays in my closet. I have some pieces that have been in my closet for years and I still wear them over and over again. I never get sick of it because it fits so nice and it’s so classic and timeless. And that is what comes to mind when I think of the brand. And I love that now, we can find ready-to-wear pieces that are good for weddings and for special occasions. They’ve added more to their range of clothing and I love that now I can buy more Una Ricci dresses and tops and I know that I can dress it up or dress it down and wear it through the years.
Kelly, who is a mom of one, a content creator, social media influencer, and TV host wears a beige tweed corset with nude tulle above the knee dress.
Tina (@tinadg.com_): From the first time I tried on Una Ricci, I felt the luxury. I love and appreciate that it’s bespoke. I love that when I go anywhere, I don’t look like everybody else. I also love the comfort because I always get my stuff either off-the-rack or custom-made but I know it’s specially made for me. I love how classic it is. For me, Una Ricci is classic luxury at the same time it’s something that any Filipina can afford and strive towards. It’s very approachable but very classic and elegant. 
Tina, who is a mom of two, businesswoman, lawyer, international development director, and podcaster wears a dark blue tweed inverted corset neckline with dark blue tulle below the knee dress. Her son Andre wears a dark blue tweed blazer and pants and daughter Anna wears a sleeveless dark blue top back ribbon with with dark blue tulle skirt midi dress.
Tanya (@tanyamariaaguila): For me Una Ricci is about moms who are having fun. Una Ricci is not afraid of putting herself out there and also not taking herself too seriously because life’s so serious already so we’re lucky we are girls and Una Ricci is there because we can have fun again with what we’re wearing, we can feel like the girls we’re supposed to feel. And even if life is serious, you can always add color.
Tanya, who is a mom of one and a businesswoman wears a hot pink linen corset with hot pink tulle and linen layered skirt midi dress. Her daughter Laura wears a sleeveless hot pink back ribbon top with hot pink uneven tulle skirt midi dress.
Una Ricci by Atelier Nina Ricci Eleazar is proud to introduce our special guest moms Whena Pino and Carmel Rivadelo-Villongco
When asked what best describes Una Ricci, this is what they had to say…

Whena (@whenapino): I think expensive and versatile. Because I offer premium services and I can say that when I face my clients, they would think, ‘Ah, she’s really expensive.’ I have about ten pieces from Una Ricci and I just rotate these ten pieces. Versatile because most of the time, coming from work, I also go to events. So from work, I can wear the same piece, like this jumpsuit, when I go to parties or events.

Carmel (@carmelsparkle): I think of friendship because first and foremost, the vision of Una Ricci comes from someone who’s been dear to me for decades now and there’s a history there. And when I think of the clothes of Una Ricci, I still think of friendship. Beyond the designer, I still think of it as friendship because when I think of the milestones in my life recently, the clothes that I gravitate towards, the clothes that I grab, the clothes that make me think of, ‘Hmm, what’s going to make me feel happy? What’s going to make me feel sexy? What’s going to give me a boost of confidence?’ You know, just pretty much what friends do for you... I grab onto my Una Ricci dress. If you look at all my milestones or highlights of my year, all those special occasions that I’ve had with myself or with my family, I’m always in an Una Ricci dress. And I do that beyond the friendship I have with Nina. I do that because the clothes in itself feel like there’s that there’s that warmth, there’s that comfort of being with a friend, when you’re just clothed in support and class, just being supported and rich. Feeling really at my best when I’m wearing Una Ricci clothes. You always want to be clothed in that kind of comfort and feeling.

Photography by Jones Palteng

Makeup by Shiseido Ph on Aliza Apostol-Goco, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, Jammy San Juan-Magsino, Marie Field-Faith, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and Tina de Guzman

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