About Us


Una Ricci is a concept store unlike any other, the first of its kind in the Philippines. Majority of our fashion pieces are made for women and we also cater to those who prefer custom-made pieces with Una Ricci Label, that proudly underscores slow fashion.  Our growing menswear category features casual, comfortable, everyday fashion. Also, amidst the pandemic, we have been carrying Covid19-protective essentials, giving priority to our health and safety.  What’s more, you will find items that are exclusively curated by us as we evolve and offer a brand new merchandise mix not only for your wardrobe but also for your home, your health, and your travels.  Our fashion pieces—our labor of love—that are proudly made in the Philippines are complemented by our product lines that are designed and made in various parts of Europe, the US, and Asia with our goal to share an extension of ourselves—our interests and preferences, what we find both useful and fascinating—and provide you with a distinctively satisfying, one-of-a-kind shopping experience. And of course, at the same time make your everyday lives and your loved ones’ more beautiful and more interesting.  At Una Ricci, all our items are made (our clothing pieces), curated, and sold with love. 2021 was about revamping our store and introducing an all-new Una Ricci that’s not limited to fashion, but an avenue for items that are classic, sophisticated, quirky, and playful—and offering a sense of exclusivity all under one roof. This 2023, whether you visit us viritually or in our Una Ricci Atelier or any of our BGC stores (in Uptown and Mitsukoshi malls), there will truly always be an element of surprise.

Nina Ricci Eleazar graduated from De La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurship in 1999. She began her career in marketing for restaurants, bars, and a liquor company for over 9 years and then moved onto becoming the Director for their family businesses. This included Voice Over Internet Protocol company, a call center, as well as a restaurant and bar in Boracay. She presently handles a build and sell business in Busuanga, Palawan. She provided marketing consultancies, did events, and was able to turn around two bankrupt companies to becoming cashflow positive. She delved into the fashion industry in 2011 with Una Ricci, a local brand initially selling imported and unique fashion accessories using metals, crystals, and glass pearls, handmade and designed by European designers, and also being sold in Europe. She has also consigned these pieces to a number of specialty stores around the malls in Metro Manila. She took a hiatus in 2014, becoming a mother of 2, she wanted to be hands-on during her children’s formative years. She re-launched Una Ricci as a fashion brand in 2018 and is in the process of expansion (in 2020), with a store in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell; pivoting to Covid-19 protection since March; and offering formal wear for men and women and bespoke pieces later in the year. Una Ricci as a retail store features its in-house brand Una Ricci and curated international and local pieces. With this businesswoman’s resurgence, she said she ‘feels alive now more than ever, breathes through hard work, and never complains working like an employee and being CEO at the same time.’  

Margaux Salazar started her career at 21 as a magazine writer-turned-editor and stylist. She was with Sense&Style magazine, a monthly glossy published by the Manila Bulletin for 7 years, covering fashion and lifestyle, alongside doing freelance styling work for brands and advertisements. Her first international styling job was for a fashion show in Rome featuring Philippine-designed pieces, which was organized by the Philippine Embassy in Italy in 2013. In 2014, she interviewed Italian designer Francesca Versace who came to Manila for a brand launch and this encounter sparked her curiosity about the world of international retail. She delved into business in 2015 when she found that there is indeed a gap in the market in Manila’s retail fashion landscape and has since then employed the Lean Startup approach in her work. She was a fashion buyer at Tryst, a multi-brand concept store in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell that features curated European fashion for women, which was taken over by Una Ricci, where she is a co-venturer.  The takeover is a progression with Nina Ricci Eleazar, wherein there was an expansion on the merchandise mix with both local and international, RTW and made-to-measure pieces, and importantly, addressing the current pandemic with stylish, comfortable, and protective fashion. She lives by the business mantra: ‘Start small. Think big. Scale fast.’



Una Ricci is a clothing label, an online store and operates an atelier. 
Two physical stores in BGC on the G/F of Mitsukoshi and Uptown malls.