With Bookman Urban Visibity™, See and Be Seen

Safety doesn’t have to be boring. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bookman is on a mission to save lives, prevent accidents, and make everyone visible in traffic, all without sacrificing style. By paying attention to detail and quality, Bookman strives to design smart and beautiful solutions for cyclists, runners, and pedestrians with its Block Lights, Curve Lights, and Wearable Magnetic Reflectors that are now available at Una Ricci. Bookman draws on the heritage of Swedish safety-conscious brands but also finds inspiration in the traditions of minimalistic, functional Scandinavian design and innovative technology.

In 2011 Bookman’s first lights launched—colorful, minimalistic, and functional—pitched at the urban cyclist and design enthusiasts. Since then, Bookman products have been embraced by the likes of MoMA, Colette, Merci, Selfridges, and Paragon Sports, and its portfolio of products has grown to wearable lighting and visibility products for everyday use, not just for the cycling community.

The front Block Light’s (P1,240) super bright mode goes up to 50 lumens and rear Block Light (P1,240) goes up to 18 lumens. Their runtime is up to 25 hours and charging time is 2 hours. A package also includes a Micro USB Cable.

Una Ricci also carries Bookman’s Rechargeable High Power Front Light (P2,950) that’s easy to attach and detach from the handlebar with the elastic silicone band. On the brightest setting, the light produces 220 lumens for 2.5 hours. In the power saving flash mode, the light can last up to a lengthy 70 hours. The design of the glass, which spills over the sides, ensures a wide range of light, not only in front of the cyclist but also reflects off the sides. This results in a cyclist peace of mind that the light provides them with clear visibility of the roads as well as being visible to other travelers at 180 degrees around them. It fits handlebar diameters from 22 to 42mm.

The Rechargeable High Power Rear Light (P2,950), a bright rear light on a curve design that emits light at a 180 degree angle, has a maximum brightness of up to 24 hours. It’s quick and easy USB recharge ability will keep you from being in the dark. For these curve lights, press and hold to turn it on or off, and click to change between the five modes of light available. It can also withstand rain, even hail and snow.

Another product in the Bookman range available at Una Ricci is the Clip-on Reflector. These wearable magnetic reflectors are a convenient and effortless way to add reflection to any item or outfit. These handy and easy-to-attach reflectors add visibility to any item of clothing you clip them on to, ensuring you will be seen in the dark. The strong magnetic ends sit firmly through all weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry once you’ve clipped them on. Small enough to leave in your bag when you don’t need them, but big enough to keep you safe when you do. A reflector increases the distance from where you can be seen by approaching traffic from 25 meters to 125 meters. One package includes 2 Clip-on reflectors for only P600.00 (which comes out at P300.00 a piece).

Bookman simply gives not just bike safety but overall city visibility a stylish edge. It’s perfect for everyone—from the dedicated road cyclists to runners, skateboarders, scooter riders, and casual commuters. Even as you walk your dog, step out for a walk or an errand in the evening, or simply want to illuminate your baby’s stroller and children to be more visible in the dark. We at Una Ricci truly believe that safety should be a priority at all costs. With an assurance of high quality, Bookman’s sleekness and reasonable prices are icing on the cake.