Una Ricci x Protect PH on Philippine Star by Millet Martinez Mananquil

Una Ricci x Protect PH are featured on Philippine Star’s Sept. 9, 2020 issue. Feature by Lifestyle Editor Millet Martinez Mananquil.

Dressing up safely for the pandemic

Among the many shops I love at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall, there is one shop called Tryst that caught my attention two years ago for a reason.
I was looking for lightweight clothes that were simply chic but warm enough for traveling. This was during the pre-pandemic, of course.
I met the woman behind it, Margaux Salazar, who explained that these clothes were sourced from Europe. I liked that the colors could easily be mix-matched.
Recently I bumped into Margaux again and she shared the news that Tryst has rebranded itself to meet the needs of the times by partnering with Una Ricci, a fashion line founded by Nina Ricci Eleazar.
Face masks that breathe style and safety.
Una Ricci offers stylish masks, wearable PPE and coveralls. It is also the distributor of Scentsor N9 Pure Silver, an FDA-certified, anti-viral, COVID-protective solution that can be used on the skin, masks, garments and surfaces. This gold-standard product from the UK kills 99 percent of viruses and bacteria.
 All Una Ricci fashion items are treated with this, and the protection lasts for 30 washes. They can be returned for re-treatment.
Here, Margaux and Nina Ricci talk about their products:

Margaux Salazar of Tryst and Nina Ricci Eleazar of Una Ricci: Retailers for fashion and wellness

Why did Tryst decide to partner with Una Ricci?

Margaux Salazar: With this new partnership with Nina, I’m thankful that we’re able to pivot and address the needs of this pandemic.  We want to let people know that COVID protection is possible — while being comfortable, while still being in style, and having a means of self-expression.

I remember reading a post in a Business of Fashion article that said, “Fashion, like all creative industries, can provide solace and inspiration for people in isolation or under stress.”

Our European merchandise and pieces by local designers Dona Lim, Twinkle Ferraren and Patis Tesoro can be treated with Scentsor N9 Pure Silver. Making use of the same treatment and process with the Una Ricci coveralls and fashion pieces, all our merchandise can work better than a PPE, as they are anti-viral and COVID-protective.

Our anti-viral spray Scentsor N9 Pure Silver is more potent and powerful than hand sanitizer or alcohol.


Heart Evangelista: Keeping safe in Tryst and Una Ricci.

How is N9 Pure Silver more effective than the alcohol-spray disinfectants people are using now?
Nina told me about Scentsor N9 Pure Silver back in May when we were still in quarantine; she has been working with Seanergy Philippines, the exclusive distributor of the product in Southeast Asia, as early as March. I also did my research and was relieved to know that there is a product that can basically save us. Alcohol and bleach will kill bio pathogens that are present. After evaporation, it is no longer effective. With Scentsor N9Pure Silver, it kills present pathogens and keeps killing them for up to 30 days. The product is organic, non-toxic, and safe for kids.

The Tryst Studio in Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall: From European to Filipino

What else can we expect from Tryst?

With this new partnership, we have re-branded online to unaricci.com and @HouseofUnaRicci on Instagram.

We are also bringing in our European merchandise from brands such as Federica Tosi, Ultrachic and Labo.Art later this year. We will continue to offer Uashmama washable bags from Italy. Aside from Dona Lim, Twinkle Ferraren and Patis Tesoro, we will have more local brands.

Why did you decide to produce coveralls for the pandemic?

Nina Ricci Eleazar: We saw the big gap in providing a more suitable PPE, or protective clothing, in our tropical country. It is not advisable to wear waterproof materials that are to be used when doing simple errands such as grocery runs, banks, to longer hours manning one’s business with an aircon unit at a temp of 26 degrees. Thus we wanted to come out with lightweight and breathable protective clothing that not only masks the problem but also helps eliminate the problem by killing the virus. All our protective clothing and cloth masks are pre-washed and pre-treated with Scentsor N9 Pure Silver.

What are the coveralls made of?

We do a wide range of coveralls, from using “everyday waterproof” material, or what is known as polyester, to woven polyester, light wool and even linen fabrics. They are all made locally.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Yes, they are all made to be worn with ease while providing comfort without having to sweat a lot and having that assurance that you are protected with our clothing pieces for the next 30 days, even with 30 washes.

How do you envision men and women wearing the coveralls?

We envision them to be wearing coveralls as part of their daily lives without having to sweat a lot and the discomfort of wearing heavy fabrics on top of one’s clothes. People can still be fashionable and express themselves with a wide range of styles in different fabrics, from light to medium-weight.

The Scentsor N9 Pure Silver from UK: It kills 99 percent of viruses on masks, clothing and surfaces. Distributed by Una Ricci, available at Tryst Studio.  
Tell us more about Scentsor N9 Pure Silver. How are the coveralls treated with the product?

There are several steps we take prior and during manufacturing of one piece of clothing. Within the process, we use Scentsor N9 Pure Silver as the final step. Once pre-treated, a piece of clothing can undergo 30 regular washes before the item needs to be re-treated.

Scentsor N9 Pure Silver kills 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria. It is non-toxic, safe on skin, non-migrating, strong-binding, and does not leach onto skin. You get immediate antimicrobial protection, and it eliminates odors and delivers lasting freshness. What is important is it does not allow bacteria to develop resistance and therefore is highly effective against resistant strains of bacteria.

Una Ricci is at unaricci.com and at House of Una Ricci located at Tryst Studio, R1 level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell. Call +63276255803.