Medklinn Air + Surface Sterilizer is a Gamechanger

By Margaux Salazar

2020, the year of the outbreak, has gone, and yet we’re still here, Covid-wary. Needless to say, the pandemic has changed the way we live, our everyday routines, and social interactions—or the lack thereof. Some people we know have not left the house for a solid 10 months. And a few even caught the virus from delivery staff or visitors while staying inside their homes.

We, at Una Ricci, have finally found a gold standard product—a solution—to end all this misery, to help us live life in the safest, most normal way possible. What is ‘normal’ now, anyway? We think a semblance of ‘normal’ is being able to stay in an enclosed area, step out of our houses, dine in a restaurant, and even travel with ease, without having to be on guard of the person a few feet away from us.

 Buildings, establishments, and hospitals practice sanitation, yes, but how can we be assured that we are breathing safe and clean air or sitting on a chair that has been properly sanitized? Well, more so in this age of the pandemic, we are not—from our hospitals and even to our homes.

Medklinn has the science and the solution for our sanitation and overall safety. What is Medklinn? This Malaysia-based company, which started with products for sinus sufferers, presents various solutions for both air purification and surface sterilization. Its host of Air + Surface sterilizers, which are now available at Una Ricci, uses negative ions and active oxygen to purify the air and surfaces. 

Medklinn’s patented Cerafusion™ Technology, the world’s first, replicates nature in the sterilization process by producing Active Oxygen consisting of controlled levels of ozone and negative ions. Active Oxygen eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, bad odor, and other toxic substances. Covid-19 is reported to be able to live on surfaces compared to other viruses and therefore having sterilized surfaces are as important, if not more important than sterilizing the air.

So unless we are able to kill viruses and bacteria that are transported through the air and especially on all surfaces we touch, viral infection cannot be effectively contained. Viruses and bacteria are extremely small for air filters and purifiers to trap. It is also impossible to chemically wipe down everything we touch all day, every day. Medklinn has the technology and the solution for us to breathe a little better—literally and figuratively.



As it is an air and surface sterilizer, it is an ionizer at the same time an ozonizer. In layman’s terms, it releases negative ions which will latch onto air pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, VOCs, formaldehyde, and pet danders. These become heavy and fall to the ground. But they all remain very much alive. If you are using an air purifier only, it simply does not solve the problem. With the low level of ozone (O3) / Active Oxygen that Medklinn releases, it latches onto those pollutants and kills them down to their molecular DNA. Medklinn sterilizes surfaces where all pollutants fall which is basically the assurance we need in this day and age wherein our health is first priority.

Another benefit of having Medklinn at home and wherever you go: it addresses allergic rhinitis. For kids and adults who suffer from allergies and sinus upon waking up, you no longer need to endure this with a Medklinn unit inside your bedroom. A few of our clients have attested to this and have experienced the difference after mere minutes of turning it on. “I had the best sleep on my first night of using Medklinn,” one client told us. “My son didn’t wake up with a stuffy nose when that used to be an everyday occurrence,” another client shared.

Medklinn’s portable devices, the Versa 25 and Versa 45 covering 25sqm and 45sqm respectively, can be used when you are at home, out in a public place, or even and especially in an airplane. The Asens +20 and Asens +40, which covers 20sqm and 40sqm respectively, is ideal for home use as it is plugged onto a socket. The Autoplus is the company’s in-car air and surface Sterilizer, which is easy to dock for continuous sterilization and protection while you drive.

 We, at Una Ricci, have been using the products ourselves and we cannot be more ascertained of our safety as well as of our families’. This is not just another air purifier in the market. It is also the brand of choice of Singapore’s Changi Airport, Watson’s Malaysia, Manila’s Grand Hyatt Hotel and St. Lukes hospitals, among many others worldwide.

 After everything, we have come to realize that our health is truly our wealth. Let us not deprive ourselves of the experiences we used to enjoy because we’re anxious to step out. Isn’t it about time we live life a little more?