The Benefits of Having Medklinn During these Trying Times

Who knew we’d go through ECQ all over again after a year? Let’s face it: the future is indeed bleak with the rising Covid-19 cases and mutation of the virus. Is the end in sight? In these anxiety-filled times, with moments of uncertainty generally, it’s not even an overstatement to say we are now fighting for our lives. The cliché ‘health is wealth,’ is a fitting cliché for good reason.
But we at Una Ricci have discovered a life-changing product that we now cannot do without. Medklinn is a product that emits low levels of ozone and negative ions, sterilizing both the air and surfaces. And no, it is not just another air purifier in the market.


Having a Medklinn unit inside your bedroom will ensure you of optimum restful sleep. Needless to say, a healthy sleeping routine should never be underestimated, especially when we are faced with stresses and more challenging days. “I’ve been getting deep sleep ever since I started using Medklinn,” a client shares. “I used to be a light sleeper. These days, even when I’d only get 5 hours of sleep, I feel like it’s a full 8 hours. I feel so well-rested the moment I wake up which makes me more productive.”


Medklinn has been a tried and tested product that cures allergic rhinitis since 2005. These days, when you have the sniffles or even just randomly sneeze, it’s no longer unusual to think: ‘Did I just get infected?’ With coughing, having colds, an itchy throat, or phlegm upon waking up in the morning or before going to bed—how would one know if it is just allergies or symptoms of the dreaded virus? Combatting allergic rhinitis would also lessen your worries. “My nasal passages have cleared up since I started using this product,” says another client who had to endure allergic rhinitis for years. “I tried everything and only this has worked for me.”


The hard and sad truth is, even the simple act of picking up groceries or having your car filled with items purchased outside could potentially bring the virus inside your homes. And even if you yourself don’t go out and only have staff buy items for you, you can never really be sure of their safety because of who had touched them prior or of the surfaces they had come from. This is why having a Medklinn Autoplus unit inside your car is crucial. Japanese test data have proven effective sterilization when it is plugged on for longer periods of time, more specifically for at least 2.5 hours for its full effect. It sterilizes anything and everything you bring inside your vehicle, not to mention its passengers, while on the move, ensuring that they will become virus and bacteria-free.


To ascertain your safety, we at Una Ricci believe in wearing the proper masks and face shields, washing of hands regularly, and having a Medklinn unit wherever you are to provide you with cleaner air to breathe, protection from cross infection, and aid in your overall health and well-being. And also as important: peace of mind.
For a stationary unit for your home or office, we recommend the Asens+20 and Asens+40, which cover 200 square feet (18.5 sqm) and 400 square feet (37 sqm) respectively. As you step out of your house, you can a bring a portable Versa25 or Versa45 unit—which can be used both with an adapter or a powerbank—that cover 250 square feet (23 sqm) and 450 square feet (41.8 sqm) respectively.
In the 3 months since we had introduced Medklinn, we’ve already sold close to a hundred units, and having our clients purchase more units after trying them out is true testament to its effectiveness. As we’ve learned this past year, a mask and face shield just aren't enough.