Protect Yourself with these Self-Sanitizing Bags

Airinum introduces bags with cutting-edge anti-viral technology
This may look like an ordinary bag to you, but it's not. 
Did you know that you come into contact with up to 500 surfaces a day? Using the elevator, escalator, going to public places, going to the gym, among others is a bacteria-ridden experience. Being exposed to all these environments during a normal day, your belongings collect millions of invisible bacteria that end up in your bag. Swedish brand Airinum has come up with a solution: hygienic storage to keep your items fresh and clean. By applying an innovative treatment called Polygiene ViralOff, Airinum gives the fibers the superpower to kill unwanted bacteria and viruses. The multi-functional bags are also water repellent, wrapped in Scandinavian design, and made out of sustainable materials.
The Tote Bag Pro is a spacious but lightweight everyday bag with a convenient foldaway design. The multiple carrying options make the Tote Bag Pro perfect for an on-the-go urban lifestyle. The bag features one inside pocket with zip closure for safe storage and easy access of smaller items.
The Messenger Bag is a lightweight but durable bag that will easily serve as your main everyday storage unit. Multiple pockets and adjustable shoulder straps make it ideal for use in any urban environment.
This durable Crossbody Bag is ideal for storing your mask, smartphone, and other essentials. An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to choose how you carry it for a more personalized look.
The lightweight Shoulder Bag is perfect for storing your mask and other small items. An adjustable lanyard allows for convenient carrying and unobtrusive wearability. 
Available in 3 colors Storm Black, Dusty Pink, and Sand Beige, these bags are treated with the brand's antimicrobial technology to keep your belongings fresh and clear from unwanted bacteria and viruses. Since its inception, Airinum has been developing products that help empower people to live clean and healthy lives and these are now available at, Una Ricci Mitsukoshi BGC, and soon at Una Ricci Uptown Bonifacio.