Medklinn Air + Surface Sterilizer and Airinum on Philippine Star

Game-changing products to keep you safe

Clothing shop Una Ricci is offering game-changing products to keep you safe from COVID-19.
From Medklinn, a Malaysia-based company that started with products for sinus sufferers, is its patented Cerafusion Technology, the world’s first air purifier that replicates nature in the sterilization process by producing Active Oxygen consisting of controlled levels of ozone and negative ions.
Not just another air purifier, Medklinn is the brand of choice of Singapore’s Changi Airport, Watson’s Malaysia, Manila’s Grand Hyatt Hotel and St. Luke’s Hospitals.
Active Oxygen eliminates 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, allergens, mold, fungi, bad odors, pet dander, VOCs, formaldehyde and other toxic substances. COVID-19 is reported to be able to live on surfaces compared to other viruses, and therefore having sterilized surfaces are as important as sterilizing the air.
Another benefit is Medklinn addresses allergic rhinitis. A few clients have attested to this and experienced the difference after mere minutes of turning it on. “I had the best sleep on my first night of using Medklinn,” one client said. “My son didn’t wake up with a stuffy nose when that used to be an everyday occurrence,” another client shared.
Not just another air purifier: Medklinn is the brand of choice of Singapore's Changi Airport, Watson's Malaysia, Manila's Grand Hyatt Hotel and St. Luke's hospitals.

Medklinn’s portable devices, the Versa 25 and Versa 45 covering 25sqm and 45sqm respectively, can be used when you are at home, out in a public place, or even and especially on an airplane. The Asens +20 and Asens +40, which covers 20sqm and 40sqm respectively, is ideal for home use as it is plugged onto a socket.

The Autoplus is the company’s in-car air and surface sterilizer, which combats cross infections among passengers and provides continuous sterilization and protection while you drive. An easy-to-use, 24/7 plug-and-play device that attaches to the car’s lighter socket, it effectively removes surface-bound pollutants, breaking down bacteria cell walls, and damaging viral DNA and RNA.


Car sterilizer: The Medklinn Autoplus combats cross infections among passengers and provides continuous sterilization and protection while you drive.

It is equipped with an optional Docking for USB connection and an extra USB port. It eliminates any and all odors such as those from cigarettes, pets, food, and molds. Toxic gaseous pollutants and bad odors are neutralized.

Five-Filter Masks

Una Ricci may have found the best mask in terms of protection, comfort, and sleek design. Sweden’s Airinum has been manufacturing masks since 2015, long before the pandemic started, for people who wanted to avoid air pollution.

Now available in the Philippines at, these premium and well-designed Airinum Urban Air Masks are equipped with five-layered filters, giving you high-level protection. The filters are replaceable and should be changed about every 100 hours of usage. Each air filter media layer has different properties to filter particles of different sizes: 1) Outside PP layer: outside filter wrapping in a durable finish; 2) Active Carbon Layer: reduces gases and odors; 3) First Electro Charged Layer: filters larger pm10 pollution, pollen, and other allergens; 4) Second Electro Charged Layer: filters smaller pm2.5 pollution, dust, and bacteria; and 5) Inside PP layer: inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish.

Protection, comfort and sleek design: Sweden's Airinum Urban Air masks are equipped with five-layered filters, giving you high-level protection, available at Una Ricci at Power Plant Mall.

The Airinum mask is KN95 certified (similar to the American N95) and has 98 percent filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. These masks are designed to last. Every mask skin is washable and reusable to make it an everyday lifestyle accessory. The mask skin of the Urban Air Mask 2.0 is also treated with Polygiene, a textile treatment that stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Medklinn and Airinum are available at Una Ricci at Power Plant Mall and at Instagram: @unaricci. Facebook @Una Ricci.