A Life-Changing Car Device You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Margaux Salazar

The thing about our cars is that we’re always keen on cleaning the outside, what with our frequent trips to the carwash, but it’s actually our car interior that’s a host to harmful pollutants both floating in the air and on its surfaces. It’s the cabin air we breathe, the seats we use, and the car parts we touch that matter more.

Did you know that indoor pollution is worse than outdoor pollution with bacteria and viruses possibly living inside your car with you being unaware of it? Do you simply mask car smells with artificial fragrances? This actually has a detrimental effect as artificial fragrances contain cancer-causing ingredients. One of the most common reactions and misconceptions is to deodorize and mask bad smells with some form of artificial fragrance. What is not commonly known, however, is that the majority of these items contain toxic and carcinogenic materials that cause damage to our health. Formaldehyde, for example, is a very common ingredient in items that we already know is linked to an increased risk of developing cancer.

We at Una Ricci have found the gold-standard product in Malaysia’s Medklinn with its in-car sterilization device called Autoplus. Its patented Cerafusion™ Technology delivers continuous flow of Active Oxygen enabling complete disinfection, thereby eliminating 99.9% of pollutants, bacteria, viruses, molds, odors, and allergens found in the air and on surfaces. Air filters and purifiers basically do not kill any bacteria or viruses like how this sleek device does.

With Medklinn’s technology, we can now avoid unpleasant smells completely. Certain food smells often leave remnant odors that can linger for hours—with Autoplus this will never be the case. Trips to the vet and pet groomers are now made easier with Autoplus’ air and surface sanitation removing unwanted smells our pets produce. Lingering smoke, molds, and bacteria can make a perfectly lovely car smell stuffy, dirty, and unpleasant—with Autoplus this will never happen.

Medklinn’s Autoplus (PhP8,500) is an easy-to-use, 24/7 plug-and-play device that’s attached onto the car’s lighter socket (which might as well be put to good use) as it effectively removes surface-bound pollutants, breaking down bacterial cell walls, and damaging viral DNA and RNA. It is equipped with an optional Docking (PhP4,300) for USB connection and an extra USB port. It eliminates any and all odors such as those from cigarettes, pets, food, and molds. Toxic gaseous pollutants and bad odors are neutralized. How will your car smell now, you ask? It will kind of smell like fresh air after heavy rain.

We learned that the most effective way to eliminate all indoor pollutants is by using nature’s natural air cleaners, which are negative ions and ozone. Five ways nature produces negative ions and ozone are: falling water, thunderstorms, plant photosynthesis, wave action, and cosmic rays. Medklinn replicates nature’s natural air cleaners by generating massive amounts of negative ions and controlled level of ozone eradicating both airborne and surface-bound pollutants naturally.

Here’s one thing we want everyone to know: the optimum benefit of having Autoplus in your car is that it combats cross infections among passengers. During these times wherein wearing our masks is a must, even while we’re inside our cars, we can never be completely protected by infectious agents both in the air and the surfaces we’re exposed to. What if the person sitting right next to you sneezes or has a bad cold? The reason sharing illness is so easy and quick these days is because bacteria and viruses are spread through the air we breathe as well as everything we touch. So unless we are able to kill bacteria and viruses that are transported through the air and stay on all surfaces we come in contact with, cross infection cannot be effectively contained. Medklinn is a product you didn’t know you needed.

Life-changing in more ways than one—Medklinn’s Autoplus ensures you of safety, that you yourself are being sanitized along with every nook and corner in your vehicle and each and every item you bring inside it, you can literally smell it in the air.