Una Ricci Face Masks on Lifestyle Asia

Una Ricci’s founder and CEO, Nina Ricci Eleazar, reveals how the pivot to the new normal pushed the team to find ways of making their sartorial pieces COVID-free for the benefit of their discerning clientele.
With many fashion houses, huge conglomerates, and emerging talents searching for ways to continue their businesses despite the pandemic, it was only natural for brands to eventually create collections for masks and PPEs (personal protective equipment). One such brand to devote their time and effort in producing one that not only matched the sartorial preferences of their desired audience but also delivered the much-needed sanitation protocols in developing such designs is Una Ricci.
“We saw the big gap in providing a more suitable PPE in our tropical country,” Nina starts. “It is not advisable to wear waterproof materials that are to be used when doing simple errands to longer hours manning one’s business with the air-conditioning unit at a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we wanted to come out with lightweight and breathable protective clothing that not only masks the problem but helps eliminate the problem by killing the virus. All our protective clothing and cloth masks are all pre-washed and pre-treated with Scentsor N9 Pure Silver.”
Una Ricci delivers in creating fashionable designs that are also safe to use.
Made in the UK, Scentsor N9 Pure Silver claims to kill 99.99% bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses, including and especially COVID-19. Through a special and exclusive arrangement with Seanergy Philippines, Inc., Nina and her team have been using the formula in their pre-washed and pre-treated fashion products—and will continue to do so, regardless of the presence of the pandemic. The safety gesture is a welcome concordance with their customer-base in ensuring that all their items are safe to wear and use.
Nina lets us in on the process, “There are several steps we take prior and during manufacturing of one piece of clothing. Within the process, we use Scentsor N9 Pure Silver as the final step. Once pre-treated, a clothing will need 30 regular washes before the item needs to be re-treated. Scentsor N9 Pure Silver kills 99.99% viruses and bacteria. It is non-toxic, safe on skin, non-migrating, strong binding, and does not leach onto skin. Immediate antimicrobial protection and freshness, eliminates odors, and delivers lasting freshness, what is important is it does not allow bacteria to develop resistance and therefore highly effective against resistant strains of bacteria.”
At the same time, the brand is also expanding its range of clothing apparel, having brought exquisite sartorial pieces from Paris, Milan, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, and Barcelona, as well as the Philippines with the recent launch of their menswear line last October. This month, a new line will be out just in time for the holiday season. And as such, the team is more inspired than ever to deliver to the sartorial needs of their patrons while adhering to safety protocols to ensure their safety.
“We all need to express ourselves one way or another without the need to talk while doing social distancing,” explains Nina. “We don’t need to look the same or wear a ‘uniform’ when going out. We all need to feel sane and in order to do that, styling yourself every little chance you get helps alleviate the stress this pandemic has put us all through. We only see a small amount of our faces, faces are no longer familiar as we all wear masks and face shields. Therefore, gearing men and women to still look their best while beating Covid-19 and help eliminate it is included in this whole process.”

Una Ricci is available at their website and at Una Ricci located at R1 level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell.