How Una Ricci Addresses the Current Pandemic

Una Ricci is a local clothing company. We use top quality machines and employ a highly skilled workforce in the manufacturing of our pieces for women. With the onset of the pandemic, we have been offering pre-washed and pre-treated clothing that are Covid-19 protective, lasting for 30 days and even after 30 washes. The gold-standard product we use in this process is Scentsor N9 Pure Silver, which is made in the UK and kills 99.99% bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses, including and especially Covid-19. This is made possible by our special and exclusive arrangements with the product distributor, Seanergy Philippines, Inc. We also offer top-up treatments for all our pieces.

We will continue to use Scentsor N9 Pure Silver in treating our fabrics all throughout the pandemic and even after. We are indeed living in a ‘new normal’ and as a local company, we are proud of what we are doing. We want to do our part in our fight against the pandemic, providing not only fashion, but also and importantly, safety and protection. It is this added offering and service that we give our full attention to. We take no shortcuts and follow the guidelines of our principals from the UK and the Philippines.

We have recently expanded our business by becoming an avenue that introduces high-quality fashion brands from Paris, Milan, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, and Barcelona, as well as the Philippines, catering to women who appreciate timeless style and exclusivity. Our curated concept store, House of Una Ricci, offers limited pieces per style and is currently located at Tryst, R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center and online at

We are further expanding our operations catering to Men’s Apparel, which will be launched in October. In November, we are launching another product line as we welcome the holiday season. Despite the current situation, Una Ricci is pushing farther and deeper into the fashion industry—no matter the challenges. We are not allowing Covid-19 to pull us down. Our goal is to armor Filipinos with protective pieces that are fashionable and comfortable—in tune with our tropical climate—while being protected from the virus. Wearing just masks is not the solution.

Moreover, we have programs supporting livelihoods of women’s communities as well as of individuals who are an extended part of our team in marketing and selling our products. These are our treated masks and our Scentsor N9 Pure Silver in 100ml bottles that are exclusively bottled for Una Ricci.

All of these and many more are in store for the coming months. We have been working hard and all these are made possible by our supporters and loyal clients. We thank you for your purchases, for your full trust, and support. We are doing this with you and for you.

Let us be one in fighting, doing our part in beating Covid-19, one piece of clothing at a time.