Explore a World of Non-Conformity with Seletti

Always original, never conventional, no one innovates quite like Seletti. Since their establishment in 1964, the Italian company has specialized in bringing fresh ideas into the household. A history of vision and evolution—ever since it was established in 1964 in Mantova, Italy, the company has pursued endless product research and innovation.

Seletti focuses on creative characteristic Italian excellence, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty. The brand is fascinating and fun and the only watchword is creativity. Very much in tune with its generation, Seletti breathes life into design and fosters a creative ethic at the frontier between contemporary art and industrial design. All its collections lend a touch of humor and fantasy to daily life.

Bringing art closer to everyday life, they launched the Hybrid collection made of fine porcelain, which are now available at Una Ricci. These pieces are graphically divided between East and West with a colored line marking the boundary between the two styles and, paradoxically, strengthening the union at the same time. The Hybrid collection looks at the present while reflecting on the irony of history proposing consequently an evocative contemporary interpretation.

Their fierce sense of originality, combining ideas that other companies wouldn’t dream of, is what makes Seletti products truly unique. Also at Una Ricci is Seletti’s Kintsugi collection. Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, a unique porcelain style with real gold garnish has come to life. Kintsugi Japanese Art assumes contemporary shapes. The delicate porcelain is glorified and enriched with 24k gold fragments for a tableware collection made of charming and unexpected compositions. Experimental and unexpected, these Seletti pieces will definitely make any dining setting seem palatial.

These pieces are refined by hand and are dishwasher safe.