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Do you need an air purifier? How about an air and surface sterilizer? 

With the pandemic sending the world into a spiral, more people are keen about safeguarding their health. The smart ones are staying home and washing their hands always, and when they do venture out into the big, bad world, they’re wearing face masks and face shields, spraying alcohol everywhere, and keeping away from other potentially dangerous humans. 

The highly concerned have taken safety measures further by wearing personal protective clothing (there are stylish coat-like options by Filipino labels in the market) and, if you are the leader of the country, a little white box that hangs around the neck. The wearable air purifier worn by President Duterte last year supposedly creates a bubble of clean air around your head to push pollutants away. (Doctors have weighed in on the gadget.)

Do you need an air and surface purifier for your home? 

Here’s another small box that promises to eliminate bad juju, specifically the air pollution that exists in your home. Malaysia-based company Medklinn, which started with products for sinus sufferers, presents various solutions for indoor sterilization. Its host of Air + Surface sterilizers, specifically the Versa, which is now available in Manila, uses negative ions and active oxygen to purify the air and surfaces.

Now, why would you be interested in a machine that cleans airs and surfaces when you already have, say, air filters and a house elf to do all that at home. Medklinn cites the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which points out how most of the air pollution in your home comes, well, from inside your home.

Versa Air + Surface Sterilizer by Medklinn

Secret culprits that contribute to indoor air pollution include your carpet, curtains, and grandma’s old sofa (bacteria), your bed and those fluffy pillows (dust mite allergens), your AC (mold and fungi), and Good Boy, your doggo that may have pet dander. Removing these surface-bound stuff requires more than just filtering the air. Also, your poor elf can’t wipe down everything.

How does this air and surface purifier eliminate indoor dangers?

To purify your space, Medklinn looks to nature’s natural air cleaners. Its tiny tower boxes create negative ions and active oxygen (a controlled level of ozone) to, according to the company, “eliminate 99.9 percent” of airborne and surface-bound pollutants without chemicals. Medklinn’s local distributor shares that the devices are used by St. Luke’s Hospital, Grand Hyatt Manila, and restaurants such as 8 Cuts in Manila, and, the biggest endorsement of all, Changi Airport in Singapore. 

More things to like: The Versa is compact and light so it won’t take up much space. You can place it on your desk and even carry it in your luggage (only 220 grams) for anywhere protection. It also has a wide coverage, with the Versa 25 offering protection for up to 250 square feet of space, and the Versa 45 covering 450 square feet. And, yes, it comes in a range of colors other than space-age gray. 

And if you’re obsessed about keeping things safe, nice, and clean, Medklinn also has a version for cars. 

Will this protect you against COVID-19?

We’ll let the company explain this one: “According to Japanese researchers, low concentrations of ozone can neutralize COVID-19 virus particles… Scientists at Fujita Health University told a news conference they had proven that ozone gas in concentrations of 0.05 to 0.1 parts per million, levels considered harmless to humans, could kill the virus.”

Autoplus Air + Surface Sterilizer by Medklinn

Another important thing to keep in mind is cross-contamination. Sickness can spread through viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. By having a device that can eliminate these, you can contain a possible infection from, say, an irresponsible person who does not wear a mask in public. 

So do you need a tiny sterilizing tower, a purifier for both air and surfaces, at home? We’ll say it won’t hurt to have another layer of protection but remember the basics: Wash your hands and wear a mask. 

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