More Information on Where we are in the Pandemic and What We Can Do About It

1. As of August 2, 2021, the total Delta variant infections in the country had reached 216, of which 9 people have died, 17 are active, and 190 have recovered. 
2. Why is this the variant of concern according to WHO? It has been studied that the Delta variant has increased transmissibility, higher risk of hospitalization, and prolonged hospital stay.
3. As for herd immunity, with the original Covid-19 virus from Wuhan, we needed 60%. With the Alpha variant, we needed 75%. And with the Delta variant, we need 80-85%.
4. Where does the country stand now on herd immunity? With our population of 110M, an estimated 10% (11M) has been vaccinated with the 1st dose. An estimated 5% (5M) has been vaccinated with 2 doses.
5. The Delta variant is known to have a negative effect on the vaccines’ efficacy for those who have received only a single dose.
We at Una Ricci believe that to achieve herd immunity and help us get through this pandemic, we must all be fully vaccinated first and foremost. Secondly, we need to be armed with the right tools such as proper face shields, N95 masks with superior protection, and an air and surface sterilizer with proven and tested effectiveness, backed up by evidence from scientifically sound research studies.
At Una Ricci, we are here to support and promote the health and safety of Filipinos. Since the beginning, we’ve believed in using Litshield face shields that are lightweight, not easily scratched, and do not affect our vision. These face shields will not hinder your vision at all. Aside from that, the brand also offers an Anti-Fog spray that you can use once a week to clean your face shield.
Airinum masks from Sweden are premium N95 masks that fit perfectly on all face shapes as they come in sizes Extra Small to Large. These are equipped with 5-layer filters, a feature not all masks in the market offer today. Each filter can be used for up to 100 hours or approximately two weeks. Its efficacy has been proven and tested by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), a Swedish state-owned research institute collaborating with academia, industries, and the public sector, performing research and innovation as well as testing and certification. Its comfort, breathability, and sleek look are an added plus.
As we’ve already learned that using masks and face shields aren’t enough, we carry products to ensure that you are breathing clean air wherever you go.
Airvida is the world’s smallest ionic air purifier. The Airvida L1 is a wearable air purifier with patented double-vent design. This ergonomic design consistently generates 2,000,000 negative ions per second (100 times more than natural forest ion concentration) to attach to airborne particles, turning them into bigger and heavier chunks and thus falling to the ground. It is the perfect solution to improve air quality both indoors and outdoors, while in your car, in a restaurant or in a public place. Like an invisible mask, these numerous negative ions will protect you from breathing in pollutants and removes up to 99.9% of airborne allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria, and viruses. Its lightweight construction gives you optimal comfort as you wear it around your neck. The Airvida L1 comes with a built in battery that lasts for 32 hours and is USB rechargeable.
Surprisingly small, yet incredibly powerful, the Airvida M1 removes up to 99.9% of airborne allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria and viruses. The M1 generates 2,000,000 negative ions every 0.6 seconds, cleaning your entire breathing space wherever you go. Its unique design allows you to use it either as a necklace, attach it as a collar clip, or placed on your desktop on a charging dock. The M1 necklace has titanium for better blood circulation and metabolism. The Airvida M1 has 28 hours battery life on a single charge.
For optimum protection, we have Medklinn Air and Surface Sterilizer, which has been recently tested by HygCen Germany, an independent research institute certified by the German Accreditation Body, and has been proven to carry out ‘99% reduction in airborne germs (aerosols) in a room within the first 10 minutes.’ The term “germ” refers to microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease. The HygCen report also states a comparable efficacy against enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses, and influenza viruses. Moreover, scientists at Fujita Health University in Japan had proven that low levels of ozone, also the technology used by Medklinn, could kill the virus.