Una Ricci on MegaStyle PH

Is it possible to wear a PPE and still be protected when you’re out of the house? Well, we found a product that’s an alternative to the standard protective gear.
As the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc in many countries worldwide, there has been a scarcity in protective equipment—from face shields, masks, alcohol, and even PPEs. But regardless of the shortage in supply, it was truly a fresh sight to witness the Filipino sense of community prevailing amid the health crisis. As a matter of fact, this holds very much true in the local fashion scene, too.
Several homegrown fashion brands and designers locked arms in creating and donating medical-grade PPEs to our dear front liners. And because the people saw the significance of having one too, it paved way for the fashion industry to also create another version of the PPE, known as protective gear.
But while there are a lot of pros to donning protective gear when going out of the house, there are also a few cons about it. There are moments that regardless of how unique the design of your PPE is, it could just become cumbersome when you’re attending special intimate gatherings. Thankfully, local clothing company Una Ricci was able to find an ingenious product from the UK that could very well be the smart and safe solution to always looking sophisticated wherever we go. Famed for sourcing and curating fashion pieces from all over the world—from Paris, Milan, Rome, Munich, Budapest, to Barcelona—they have successfully searched far and wide and brought home the Scentsor N9 Pure Silver.
What’s so special about this bottle? Well, it’s the gold-standard product in killing 99.99% bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses, including COVID-19. According to its CEO Nina Ricci Eleazar, “Simply put, while our clients are wearing gowns or suits for social gatherings and occasions, they are even more protected than wearing a PPE because of the treatment.” That’s why all the clothes being offered in Una Ricci are actually pre-washed and pre-treated, which lasts for 30 days, and even after 30 washes.
“We want to do our part in our fight against the pandemic, providing not only fashion, but also and importantly, safety and protection,” she adds. Having the Scentsor N9 Pure Silver “is made possible by our special and exclusive arrangements with the product distributor, Seanergy Philippines, Inc.”

‘Tis the Season

As the holidays are just around the Christmas corner, let’s all admit that we’re now all looking for something festive to don for Noche Buena and Media Noche—whether it be virtual or in our homes. With this in mind, Una Ricci saw it fitting to also launch their new line “Bespoke by Una Ricci.” And this isn’t just for the holidays, because if you’re planning on pushing your quarantine wedding, then they could just be your best bet in creating your dream gown.
In doing so, they are able to make sure that you’re not only confident enough with your style; rather you’re also protected from the unseen virus. However, in case you already have something to wear this season of gift-giving, Una Ricci also offers their Anti-viral, COVID-Protective Treatment for P1000.
“We will continue to use Scentsor N9 Pure Silver in treating our fabrics all throughout the pandemic and even after,” the brand assures. “It is this added offering and service that we give our full attention to. We take no shortcuts and follow the guidelines of our principals from the UK and the Philippines.”
You can check out Una Ricci’s latest offerings at unaricci.com. Follow them on Instagram @unaricci for more info and updates.