Inné Sinta Two Strap Slide
Inné Sinta Two Strap Slide
Inné Sinta Two Strap Slide
Inné Sinta Two Strap Slide

Inné Sinta Two Strap Slide

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The Sinta Double Strap Slide is a testament that the best things can come out of unlikely combinations. Made with genuine leather underlay and trim and handwoven rattan in solihiya pattern (six-way weave), these are the perfect slides that will last you from day to night.

This piece uses thin strands of rattan handwoven into sunburst patterns, known as solihiya in the Philippines. Typically used for making baskets and furniture, this naturally sustainable material is lightweight, durable, flexible, and suitable for outdoor use.
 Handwoven rattan upper
 Genuine soft lambskin leather underlay and trim
 Genuine leather insole
 Double-soled heel
 Rubber sole

Care: Use of leather protector is recommended before wear.

Given its rattan exterior, it usually takes until the 4th or 5th wear for the slides to be "broken in." The rattan gets softer, more flexible, and more comfortable with each wear.

All our products are individually handmade, thus no two pieces are exactly the same. Slight variations are inherent in the methods and natural materials used. These are not product flaws, but are considered minor distinctions that make this piece special and one-of-a-kind.