Medklinn Autoplus Docking Station
Medklinn Autoplus Docking Station

Medklinn Autoplus Docking Station

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– A Docking Station for Autoplus to power up with its USB connection instead of directly plugging Autoplus in the lighter socket (if lighter socket is unavailable in your vehicle) which may be used with a power bank.  

– Additional feature of the docking station is having additional port to charge your other electronic devices such as your handphone and can be used as your portable air + surface sanitizer for your protection on the plane.

– Generates Active Oxygen to eliminate up to 99.9% of the total bacteria, viruses, allergens, mould and other harmful substances found in the air and on the surfaces of our living space.

– Sterilizes the Air+Surfaces
– Quiet operation
– Minimal Maintenance – with no air filters to change or wash