Bespoke Fashion for the Year Ahead

Dressing up for occasions, having this as a means of self-expression is now considered a rarity after these last few months. With social distancing practices in place though, we are slowly getting back to normal: weddings, special events, and intimate gatherings are finally happening again.
Now we understand why after the Spanish flu pandemic struck in 1918, it led to the Roaring '20s, when people couldn’t wait to dress up and go out. (Although, we are not quite ready to party and enjoy a night out on the town just yet.) Of course because of the pandemic, we now only get to see a portion of our faces, having to constantly wear our masks and shields. We all need to express ourselves one way or another—and the easiest way is through our clothing, don’t you think? As they say, ‘Fashion is instant language.’
Your choice of clothing, your choice of fabric, color, cut, style, drape, fall, and fit, say something about your personality in every occasion. With Bespoke by Una Ricci, we want you to feel your most confident, savoring every moment in your custommade piece. We want to make planning for your overall look as memorable as possible, as well. It is all in the details—and we won’t miss out on any. 
Looking forward to dressing you soon.

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Bespoke by Una Ricci